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7 October 2019 - 9 October 2019
Brno, Czech Republic
Contact-Contract MSV 2019

1) You can order accommodation in our member hotels:



Arte corporation s.r.o.


+420 777 738 764

Barceló Brno Palace Hotel

+ 420 532 156 777

BRNO INN, a.s.


+420 543 122 018–9

Hotel International Brno, a.s.


+420 542 122 811

Hotel Royal Ricc, a.s.


+420 736 487 948

Maximus Resort, a.s.


+420 546 221 035

Victory hotel Brno s.r.o.


+420 511 146 645

2) You can also book an accommodation on these contacts.

Veletrhy Brno, a.s. / BVV Trade Fairs Brno Accommodation Dpt. Vystaviste 1, 647 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Jana Buršíková

Phone:+420 541 152 777

Mobile:+420 601 252 374


Jana Hirlíková

Phone:+420 541 152 775

Mobile:+420 723 858 174


E-mail: hotels@bvv.cz

Accomodation during Trade Fair here.

Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce, Výstaviště 3, 648 04 Brno, Czech Republic

Jaroslava Martinková Phone: +420 532 194 930 Email: martinkova@rhkbrno.cz

Languages: German, English, Czech

How to get to Brno Exhibition Centre

Please see the information here.

City information


Brno, the Czech Republic's second largest city, has a population of nearly 370,000 people. It lies in the central part of Europe and within its two hundred-kilometre radius there are other important European capitals: Prague, Vienna and Bratislava. The international airport in Brno serves regular flights. Brno is the metropolis of Moravia and an important tourist centre for all who want to explore the natural and cultural beauties of the South-Moravian region.


To the north of Brno there is the protected area of the Moravian Karst (Moravský kras) and to the south stretch the Moravian vineyards with their typical wine cellars. The city is surrounded by beautiful mixed forests, which offer many opportunities for tourism and cycling. Brno prides itself on many notable historic sites that show evidence of its rich cultural history. The most important example of modern architecture in Brno is The Tugendhat Villa - a historic site inscribed on the UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage List.

Today Brno is a seat of universities and important judiciary institutions.

It offers many possibilities of cultural enjoyment in its numerous theatres, museums, cinemas and clubs. The Brno Exhibition Centre with its eighty-year tradition is a venue of many international trade fairs, exhibitions and congresses, and as such plays a significant role in the social and economic life of the whole city. The City of Brno regularly holds various cultural events, festivals (e.g. "Brno - City in the Centre of Europe" associated with a fireworks competition "Ignis Brunensis") as well as some notable sporting events (Brno Grand Prix of road motorcycles). Brno is also a city of modern shopping and entertainment centres.

Brno City’s official web here

Official tourism portal – Brno here

Official tourism portal – South Moravian Region here

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